MDI's Newest Signing Christine Spero had a Successful concert tonight at the TRIBECA PAC In Manhattan NY.

Through the love of Laura & her music, I've gotten to know some beautiful people, tonight was no different. Who knew that when I drove into Manhattan tonight to see Christine Spero & her fantastic band, it would be a night to remember forever. Once again, the power of Laura & her music has touched my life in a special way. Read carefully, because I'm only going to type this once. Christine is the "REAL DEAL". I was lucky enough to have seen Laura in concert many times. Not since those days of wine & roses have I felt & heard what I felt & heard tonight. Sitting front row, with a clear view of Christine, my eyes closed, my ears listening hard, I could have sworn at times, that Laura was right in front of me. Her beautiful hair flowing down her back, her sweet voice resonating through my head, was incredible. As she sailed from one Laura classic to another, (and one beautiful original tune called Laura & John (Coltrane), I was stunned how well Christine interpreted and performed Laura's songs. Those of you who know me, know I don't hand out compliments like this often, and know that I don't care to hear other people do Laura's music. If I want to hear Laura, I'll listen to Laura. I could listen to Christine "day & night", singing and playing Laura's music with as much love and intensity as Laura would have done herself. Thank you Laura, for hooking me up with Christine & Co. ! We are cut from the same cloth, kindred spirits, brought together amidst millions of people. There are a select few people in my life that I would consider a soulmate. Add one more to that list, this is one beautiful person, and one talented performer. Her band augmented her perfectly. Elliot Spero (Christine's brother-in-law), was mesmerizing on multiple instruments. That's all I can say. Hipper than hip ! Go see for yourself. "RUN" to buy the CD pictured here (and any other CD you can find by her), you won't regret it. As far as going to see the group "live", for those who weren't lucky enough to have seen Laura "live", "RUN" to see this talented group of musicians. You will never come any closer to hearing Laura "live" in this lifetime, than the Christine Spero experience. All I can say to you Christine is that I never would have thought ANYONE could bring me so close to that feeling I got when I first heard "More Than A New Discovery" 50 years ago. I thank you and your band for keeping the spirit and music of Lorelei alive and relevant <3.

Admin December 21, 2015
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